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Good Tuesday Morning!!! Sept. 14, 2020

Well…. it’s finally here!

The day we resume our own meeting!!

A step toward what we remember as Normal!!

Even in our gathering now, I feel it may be anything but what we recall as normal!!

#1. We are meeting in the Worship Center!

#2. We will have Praise and Worship! By the sound system….but… let’s not allow that to hinder us! Valerie has that planned, and I am sure it will be Great!!!

#3. We are not eating. That allows us more time for Kingdom Business!

#4. Announcements

#5. Tonight Sister Debbie will bring a Fresh Vision.

#6. Message/ Teaching

#7. Time of Prayer

God called us to a pause, there have been many words spoken… Reset, Positioning, Change, Redirection, New Assignments, Fresh Anointings, Prophesy, Despiration, Hunger, Holiness, Repentance, Revival, Awakening… to name a few!
These are all now Words! We have entered into a new era!!

Awaken, Arise, and Shine!!!
Hmmm, seems like I have recently heard this somewhere!!!😉

See you tonight at 6:30pm in the Worship Center!



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